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Your gateway to Japan.




Wilkinson International Trading Co. Japan. is one of the leading exporters of new and used  automobiles and motorcycles / scooters from Japan. With our long experience in the auto industry, we  can supply YOU with the vehicles that YOU require. We also have experience in many other products  exported and imported to /from Japan.

Our Mission         

Simple. We supply you with what you want. You tell us exactly what it is , what condition, quality, grade, year and that's what you get. We strive to supply our customers with the best vehicles that suit their requirements. 

Sourced to your individual preference from private shops/dealers and the auction network. Japan is one of the few countries that still has a very distinct wholesale / retail system still in place. The (wholesale) used automobile and motorcycle auction network is very extensive with some of the biggest auction companies in the world. These companies auction thousands of used cars and motorcycle/scooters every week throughout Japan. (Trade dealers only ! no public) This is where Japanese auto/bike dealers get their stock ! We offer you the chance of buying at true wholesale prices. If you want the best deal, this is it !

With this amount of available products at auction there's no need to buy and keep stock in open air yards ( as others do ! ) We only buy for you when you need the stock and/or come over and buy your own stock. Why buy stuff that's old and been out in the rain for weeks or months! Another down side is that if you buy from a stock yard you only have a choice of a few units. Buy current stock from the auctions and you get to choose from thousands of products. You get only the best stock that suits your needs.

Company Profile

Wilkinson International Trading is a foreign owned company based here in Japan. With a multi-national staff we serve all your needs.

We are a registered auto dealer and member of various auction network groups in Japan.

With many years of experience we give total satisfaction to our customers requirements and make their business deals with Japan as easy as possible.

We make your choices easier. We give you the quality of vehicles that YOU require.

Contact Information

You can contact us here for any queries and questions regarding your requirements from Japan. We will try to answer all your questions and give you valuable information for your business needs.

For quotes please include as much detail as possible regarding your requirements.

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Wayne Wilkinson - ALLCARSJAPAN.COM

Telephone          ( 81 ) 59 223 0982  

Fax                    ( 81 ) 59 246 7424   

Postal address  2692 Koube - Cho,   Tsu - Shi,

                        Mie - Ken,   514-0065,   Japan.

Warehouse Address  27-18 Suehiro-cho, Tsu-Shi, Mie-Ken, 514 Japan .

         Electronic mail

General Information: waynewilkinson@allcarsjapan.com
Customer Support:

We are based in the central area of Japan close to Suzuka Int'l Racing Circuit.

About 1 hr. to NAGOYA and 1hr. 30 mins. to OSAKA.

TOKYO 3 hours by Bullet Train.  


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